Getting Ready to Go

We are halfway through our training in Richmond, as many godly and knowledgable people pour into us. There’s a lot going on and it feels like we’re drinking from a fire hydrant most of the time as we are trained and re-trained in cross-cultural evangelism, city mapping, legal and financial preparation, technology and logistics. Still, we are thankful for this time of transition and thankful that Chyella, especially, is doing so well through it.

Please pray for . . .

  • Our families as we get closer to saying goodbye for a while.
  • Our minds and hearts to be open to what God is teaching during this time.
  • Our upcoming trip to New York, where we will be learning how to live on mission in large, urban contexts.
  • The people we’ve connected with here in Richmond that do not have a relationship with God in Jesus, but are searching for more.
  • God to spread his good news around the world as all of us ordinary servants obey.

And please let us know how we can be praying for you!

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