Nathan’s Graduation from Southeastern Seminary


We’re excited to share that Nathan graduated this weekend with his Master of Divinity from Southeastern Seminary! He has worked very hard these last few years, and we’re so thankful for this milestone! His girls are proud of him!


Chyella is doing great! She’s almost 4 months old and just the sweetest baby!

A couple of updates: we will be starting some missions training at the end of January, and as far as we know should be on the ground in Madagascar in early April. Please continue to pray for us and our families as we make this transition!
We have a new email – We also have a new blog (this one) and Instragram. We’d love for you to follow us! We’ll do our best to keep you updated with all that God is doing and how you can pray.
We also want to stay in touch with and pray for you! Please send news and prayer requests our way!!

One thought on “Nathan’s Graduation from Southeastern Seminary

  1. SO good to hear & see how you’re all doing. Your photo card is clipped to the Opern Window devotional, so you’re always close in mind, heart & prayer. Love the updates on Chyella. How precious! God bless the work of your hands. Carol


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