Tessa grew up dreaming of becoming a missionary. Nathan thanked God He didn’t have to be a missionary!

Eventually God led us both to Madagascar. While there, God changed us, we fell in love with one another and gained a passion for His work there. Tessa crafted stories from the Bible into local Malagasy dialects. Nathan would then take these stories out and tell them in rural villages. Now we’re married, and God has blessed us with our sweet Chyella and happy little Jairus. We continue exploring the stories of the locals and their land. We also continue to craft new stories to share, about the story some of them are now grafted into . . . the grand narrative God’s Word (the Bible) and God’s People (the Church).

In some ways, our story began here in Madagascar. But Mada has a story all on its own. And we’re here to share the best story of all about God becoming a man named Jesus. All together, the stories “give glory to the Lord, and declare his praise in the islands” (Isaiah 42:12)!

Thanks for joining our story!

Nathan and Tessa (Chyella and Jairus)

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