Faithful Friends: Pastor Antonny and Sandy

Once a month we’d like to introduce you to one of our friends here in Madagascar. This month we’d like you to meet Pastor Antonny and his wife Sandy.

In 2013, Antonny and Sandy moved here to Toliara to answer God’s call to pastor one of the local Baptist churches here. Since then, they have faithfully served the church and the community. They’ve worked to learn the local dialect here in Toliara, as their original language is the “Official Malagasy” of the capital region. They have also shared regularly in our ministry to the Mahafaly area. During the two years we spent teaching church history stories and doctrine to the Mahafaly leaders, Pastor Antonny regularly prepared lessons and taught the curriculum. He and another pastor traveled to visit and teach the Mahafaly while we weren’t in the country. He and Sandy also taught and shared their testimonies during the marriage focus we did in 2018.

Pastor Antonny and Sandy also teach and lead weekly at their church, guiding the believers there in faithfulness to God’s word and service to their community. Sandy is discipling the teachers in the children’s ministry. They also have a ministry to the Masikoro people north of Toliara.

When we started putting the dialect Bible stories on the radio, Pastor Antonny and Sandy suggested that we put a phone number at the end of the broadcast for people to call if they had questions—and offered for this to be their phone numbers! Since then, upwards of 15 different people have called or texted with thoughts and questions about the stories. Many have requested visits and discipleship. Pastor Antonny has been following up on each one, as COVID restrictions allow. We praise God for this precious couple who are partners with us in God’s work here in the Toliara region!

Please pray for Pastor Antonny and Sandy and their daughter Chantal as they continue to serve God here in Toliara. Please pray specifically that those who hear the stories would put their faith in Jesus. Pray also for Pastor Antonny’s and Sandy’s interactions with those who call them after hearing the radio stories, that the people wouldn’t be surprised or confused that they aren’t from the south. Pray for mutual understanding. Pray for more believers to join in the follow up. Pray for God’s care and blessing over Pastor Antonny and Sandy and their family. 

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