Recipe Thursdays: Spanish Tortilla

A few years ago we had the fun of attending a big meeting in Spain! We had a great time—we got to see a bit of both Madrid and Barcelona. Some highlights of the trip:

  • the Basílica de la Sagrada Família—This is the most incredible cathedral I’ve ever seen! I wish we could have spent much more time there. 
  • Delicious hot chocolate with churros—a must-try if you’re in Spain, in my opinion!
  • the Spanish tortilla—this filling and tasty potato dish became an immediate favorite. I thought we would never be able to reproduce it at home, but this easy Spanish tortilla recipe has made it a regular part of our monthly meal plan. We also do the tomato mixture and fresh bread with it—using that French bread recipe again! 

Now we’ve got some dear friends in Spain, so I hope we can eventually visit again! At least we can enjoy some treats from there even if not there in person! 

the beautiful Sagrada Família
Enjoying some hot chocolate and churros!

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