Three AMAZING Recipes that have Rocked my Madagascar Kitchen

So, I’m not a great cook. Actually, when I arrived in Madagascar as a single, I knew how to cook “pasta-roni” and scrambled eggs, and that was about it. I thought in order to separate an egg white from a yolk, surely the easiest way was to hard boil it?

But cooking is REALLY important to our life here in Madagascar. Cooking is from scratch, by necessity, and we end up making and using lots of substitutes. So, needless to say, while I lived here as a single, I learned a few things.

Now I’m back as a wife and a mom, and Nathan won’t let me get away with oatmeal for dinner. We’ve also discovered that while I’m thrilled to eat the same five recipes over and over, week after week, Nathan likes a little variety. So I’ve been on a sort of ongoing quest for new and improved recipes to add to my cookbook. (Speaking of that, I would LOVE your recipe ideas and suggestions–please list them in the comments and I’ll give them a try!)

Since we’ve been back, I’ve found three recipes that have been an amazing addition to our monthly meal plan, which I want to share!

First, chicken noodle soup. This is one of those family staples–you need a good chicken noodle soup recipe as a go-to when you’re sick. I really wanted this to be a crock pot recipe, and tried several, but eventually found this one. It’s not for the crock pot, but it is easy, and I’m committed:

Next, lemon rice. We’ve started making naan with mediterranean chicken, with a nice, cool cucumber salad and yogurt. This rice is a light, fluffy, delicious addition to this meal, and stretches the meal too!

And finally, my favorite: cinnamon rolls. These are a Christmas tradition for us, but I’ve been intimidated by recipes with yeast, and disappointed by those without. This recipe convinced me to give it a try this past Christmas, and it won us over immediately. These were truly the softest, most delicious cinnamon rolls I’ve ever tasted. Try them! You’ll love them!

20180303_215452(0) copy

4 thoughts on “Three AMAZING Recipes that have Rocked my Madagascar Kitchen

  1. Love reading this. Don’t know what kind of fruit you can get their but a cobbler might work with apples, pears, or peaches. Pinterest has become my friend and then i adapt the recipe. Tried my hand at chicken pot pie. Don’t put the biscuits on the bottom. They get gooey. But I am sure the dough you are using for the rolls might work. Apple pies are not hard either. Use the dough for the bottom and top crush. Green apples are best but you could use others. Add cinnamon and al little nutmeg, sugar, and bake. Look for easy recipes for it.


    1. Thanks Patti! Those are great ideas–cobbler would be fun!! And yes, I do love apple pies and chicken pot pies! I should try a mango cobbler–we have so many of those here!


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