What NYC taught us

We’re back from a week in New York City, learning a little of what it looks like to plant churches in global cities. It was amazing to, in a short week, learn how to work together as a team and see how to quickly engage the community around us. Here’s what our trip taught us:  125th

  • Working as a team is harder but better. We had 6 adults and 6 kids on our team. That made getting around and working in NY harder and in some ways meant we could do less. But together we accomplished more. Those kids also started conversations that led to the gospel and they themselves shared the gospel with others. Because we all worked together, everyone was able to do more.
  • Harlem, like the rest of our nation and our world, needs racial reconciliation. One of the keys to the gospel spreading in Harlem appears to be healing past and present scars. Harlem’s identity is rooted in the Civil Rights movement but that identity is being shaken as other New Yorkers and West Africans move into the area. The only thing that can bring these people together is the good news that those born again through Jesus are born into a multiethnic, reconciled family.
  • America needs more gospel and less politics. The churches in our area (and there are a lot of churches in Harlem, fyi) were known in the community more for their politics than any good news or good deeds they offered. Is the same true of your church? Would someone honestly looking for the truth hear the good news at your church or the latest good or bad news from Washington? Our communities needs Christians to be people with good news full of good deeds not more politics.

With that in mind, please pray . . .

  • for Jesus’ church in America to faithfully share the good news and model reconciliation among people who aren’t like them.
  • for all those we shared the gospel with in NYC. There are many people searching for spiritual truth in New York. Ask God that he would continue to open their eyes to see him.
  • to see yourself how God is working in your community and how he wants to use you and your church to spread good news and good deeds.

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