Leadership Profile


Name: Ezombatse
Village: Kilimary
Role: President Fokontany

The President apparently lost his real name around the time he was appointed as president of Kilimary (it’s what everyone, even his brothers, call him now). He is actually one of the youngest of the brothers who lead Kilimary. His brother Emanda was president before him, leaving some big shoes to fill (read Emanda’s profile). However, the people of Kilimary regard The President as a good leader and follow him willingly. The President is the functional decision maker for Kilimary. He is also second in command in respect to the church of Kilimary. The President is almost always present for the telling of the stories and, next to his brother Estifehe, is best at retelling them. If one is first coming into the village it is this man who welcomes and introduces you. He is also one of those who went and first shared the gospel with the neighboring village of Andohasatra.

IMG_6940One of The President’s biggest struggles is in regards to the fobomdraza (ancestor worship) and how to lead a village which has heard and believed the good new of Jesus but wants to follow and honor the old way of life. It seems Kilimary is always stumbling on this issue. Just recently we came into the village as they were making a sacrifice to their ancestors when they know Jesus’ death has made those things obsolete. Yet The President and the believers of Kilimary are sincere when they speak of their faith in Jesus–we all have things with which we struggle hardest.

Kilimary is also constantly faced with the threat of invading cattle thieves–men from surrounding villages who come in the night and steal their zebu, their livelihood. Recently, a group of thieves stole around 80 cattle from Kilimary. The President and his brothers are always on the look out, sleeping out with the cattle, carrying their guns around everywhere, and (we found out recently) calling on the name of Jesus to protect them when they walk into a firefight.

Please pray for The President to lead well in his role at Kilimary

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