Leadership Profile


Name: Estifehezy – “Unbound”
Village: Kilimary
Role: Pastor

Estifehezy is the functional pastor of Kilimary. From the beginning he has had a good ear for the stories and is always is first to understand and repeat the word of God. He is also diligent in reading or listening to other portions of the Bible as he is able to further his understanding.


Estifehezy was one, along with his brother, The President, who went and preached the gospel to the nearby town of Andohasatra. Before we went that day Estifehezy told us we would have to talk because he didn’t know what to say. But when we arrived and everyone had gathered, Estifehezy launched into one of the best, most succinct gospel presentations I have heard here, retelling and tying together the stories he’s heard from Grant and the scripture he’s been able to read. Especially since that time Estifehezy has taken ownership of his role. The people of Kilimary and even his brothers look up to him and call him their pastor and he does not deny it. Now when they meet on Sundays it is Estifehezy who is leading the time and telling the stories.

Please pray for Estifehezy to pastor well in his role at Kilimary

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