Leadership Profile


Name: Emasike – “Well Done”
Village: Andremba
Role: Leader of the Church

Emasike is an elder in the village. As well he has taken it as his responsibility to lead the church of Andremba. He is the first to retell the stories after hearing them and is looked to as the decision maker for all things church related. It was Emasike who was first baptized and then baptized the other believers. However, it is in Andremba we find perhaps the most intense spiritual and physical barriers. Many still cling to the fobomdraza (ancestor worship) and scoff at the Christians. We’ve heard of people having dreams in which their ancestors come to people and ask why they haven’t been sacrificing to them and then demand they sacrifice again.


Andremba is also home to some of the harshest terrain we’ve seen. Some fields are at least 7K away and filled with large rocks and hard ground. And that was before this year’s devastating locust plague landed and began eating their crops. Emasike and the church under his leadership find themselves in a hard place but one in which they are constantly learning about God’s constant love.

Please pray for Emasike to lead well in his role at Andremba

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