Leadership Profiles

As the leader goes, so goes the people.

We want to let you know how the leaders are going. As these villages grow into God fearing, Jesus loving, Bible following churches they will be led. Who does that leading and how they are doing it makes all the difference in the world. Through this process we have started identifying the natural leaders arising in the middle of these church situations. These men and women are vital to the growth of the church and  . . .

they need your help.

If you’ve ever tried to lead people then you know it’s not easy. Understanding Satan’s desire to destroy these churches and those leading them doesn’t make things sound any better and then throw in the fact that they’re fighting against years old culture and misunderstanding . . . it’s a rough job. But the wonderful nature of Jesus’ global church body means these people are not alone. We have the honor to, in a way, meet and know these people, get to know God’s servants a bit, and we have the responsibility to pray for them.

Let’s do our part in supporting and encouraging our brothers and sisters in Southwest Madagascar, interceding and coming alongside them through prayer to battle the darkness to set the captives free!

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