Recipe Thursdays: Christmas Morning Cinnamon Rolls

Christmas morning is fast approaching!! 

I’ve posted this recipe before, but in honor of Christmas I’ve got to post it again! Cinnamon rolls are a critical part of my Christmas morning memories and tradition. I searched for several years of Nathan’s and my marriage for the perfect cinnamon roll recipe for us to use overseas, from scratch (I grew up on the pop-can ones!). 

But, I’ve always been so intimidated by trying to use yeast! When I read in this recipe that the author also found yeast intimidating, I knew it was at least worth a try. And it worked!! Now I’m a loyal fan! 

Chyella and I enjoy making this fun recipe each Christmas Eve, in preparation for a special Christmas morning. I hope you enjoy it too!

Merry Christmas!  

One thought on “Recipe Thursdays: Christmas Morning Cinnamon Rolls

  1. Will definitely try it! Looks like Chyella enjoys cooking with you. Hope you are well and looking forward to Christmas. Take care. Praying for you, as always. love you, Ms. Jo (always enjoy your emails, even though I seldom comment. Keep on keeping on!)


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