Hail, Homeland Security

With an austere glance and an upright heart
We, the people, watch our troubled world.
Conflicts abounding and they all take part
As we sit and watch and rest in peace.
Why should we worry
And leave our tranquil home?
Their troubles are their duty.
We'll stand on this ground we died for,
Where the rocks don't move, the flags wave on and, the flowers always grow.
“Protect and defend our rights!”
Cry the people,
“We worked for our shade and green grass.”
There's a dark, real world out there,
you’ll see, visceral and rife with humanity.
“We're safer in here,”
We the people say,
“Live and let live! We're better off alone.”
And so alone we are
In our corner of the world
Marked by our rocks and flowers and patterned stripes and stars
Spattered across our safe, clean, cemetery plot.
And we are safe,
We, the people,
O, so safe!
The dead need not fear.

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