Faithful Friends: Pastor Edia

This month, we want to introduce you to Pastor Edia. I (Tessa) first met Pastor Edia in 2010. He was a part of one of the first three story-crafting groups. He is Tanalana, one of the people groups of the southwest, and he was enthusiastic about studying God’s Word. At this time, Edia was not yet a pastor. Very quickly, he became the story-teller of that group. The group would work together to create Bible stories in their dialect, and once all were satisfied, Edia would tell the story for the recording. 

Edia and I worked together for three years, meeting with the group weekly to craft stories. Week after week, the group would debate specific words choices, meanings of words and concepts in Scripture. Sometimes Edia found himself surprised by what he found in Scripture—but whenever God’s Word was different than what he had believed, he submitted his heart to God’s Word. 

The group crafted over 45 stories, which God has used all over the southwest of the island. Edia answered God’s call to obedience in believer’s baptism. He answered God’s call to serve the Baptist church as a pastor. He has followed God’s call to seminary. He also has had the opportunity to teach around the island about the helpfulness of creating oral Bible stories in each dialect. Edia continues to be instrumental in God’s work all over the island. 

Pray for Edia. Pray that the seminary will be able to reopen and he’ll be able to complete his studies. Pray for the church and cell groups he serves here in Toliara, as he continues to disciple their leaders for when he’s gone. Pray for his ever-growing depth of knowledge of God’s Word. Pray for God’s guidance, protection, and provision on his life as he continues to follow God’s call. 

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