Friday Family Update: Birthdays and Busyness

This month has been busy! The distribution finished well—praise the Lord! We are so grateful for the selflessness and tireless effort of the pastors and leaders of the Toliara churches as they cared for their communities. 

We’ve continued our documentary-watching this month with an excellent one about the Civil Rights Movement: Eyes on the Prize. It’s long but has been eye-opening and very helpful for us.

We celebrated Chyella’s and Nathan’s birthdays this past month! Chyella enjoyed some play time with friends, and also helping Daddy wash the dog on her birthday! To celebrate Nathan’s birthday I ended up making a coffee cake that was really over-the-top . . . we barely made it through! 😉 

Jairus now has four teeth!! And he has already lost interest in crawling, and now is pulling up and cruising all over the place. He’s excited to get movin’ to keep up with his sister! 

This month our landlord decided to tear up all of a certain type of tree in our yard. We’re very glad, because these trees carry caterpillars . . . which, we were surprised to learn, are not super cute and cuddly but actually cause lots of itchies! We’ve gotten lots of beautiful new trees, and new grass will be coming in soon! The weather is starting to turn warm here, so we’re looking forward to planning some time away in the next few months—at least a beach trip! 

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