Faithful Friends: Oliva and Narindra

We’d like to introduce you to another couple we love and work with here in Madagascar. Oliva and Narindra are long-time friends of the Waller family, who lived and worked here for twelve years. Oliva and Narindra met in here Toliara and married. They felt God’s call to serve as missionaries to places in Madagascar where they saw a need for Gospel ministry. They spent time serving in Ambatondrazaka and at the Timote Mahatsara Mission Center, both in the eastern part of the island. 

Oliva and Narindra have three children: Raitra (9), Idealy (7), and Mahatsara (4).

In 2018, Oliva and Narindra and their family came to Toliara for a month to help our team with a marriage focus. We loved getting to know them better during this time! They led workshops and Bible studies for youth and adults, and helped us host a marriage retreat for our Mahafaly leaders. Oliva and Narindra have a passion for church planting and counseling—seeing God’s Word spread to those who haven’t yet heard and seeing His Word sink deep into the lives of all for transformation.

Oliva has just finished his seminary training at the Malagasy Baptist seminary. Now, Oliva and Narindra are preparing to return to Ambatondrazaka in the eastern part of the island–north of the capital–to work among the Sihanaka people. They long to come alongside the churches there to help facilitate church planting and Gospel ministry.

Pray for Oliva and Narindra and their family. Praise God that, though their family was ill with Covid, they are healthy now. Praise God that their belongings have arrived safely in Ambatondrazaka. Pray for the challenges of moving in the midst of Covid-19. Pray for prayer and financial partners for them as they transition to full-time ministry in the Sihanaka area. Pray for God’s timing. Pray for the health of their marriage and for their children. Please download and check out the pdf below which tells Oliva’s and Narindra’s story!

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