Recipe Thursdays: AOM Hamburgers

Hamburgers are definitely a kind of comfort / homey food for us here in Madagascar. We look forward to trips to South Africa or America to enjoy burgers, and on several occasions hamburgers have been our “last meal” in the USA before flying back to Mada. 

Most of the beef in Madagascar is zebu meat, which is a different breed of cow than we’re used to in the States. The flavor has taken us a while to get used to, and especially for a hamburger, it can be tough to get that juicy, familiar flavor we’re looking for. Especially for Nathan, the hamburger issue has been an ongoing challenge of life in Madagascar 😉 

But then, one day listening to the Art of Manliness podcast, all that changed. AOM posted a hamburger recipe from American author Earnest Hemingway. Nathan tried it—with some minor variations—and it was incredible!! Meanwhile, our local grocery store started carrying fluffy, normal-sized buns, and sliced gouda cheese . . . also critical elements of the hamburger experience. Now, hamburgers are a regular part of our weekly meal plan, along with homemade French fries and lasary, a local dish of chopped raw veggies in a vinegar-based dressing. I’ll post a recipe for that next time around! 🙂

If you want an incredibly savory hamburger, you should definitely try these Earnest Hemingway hamburgers. Feel free to adapt the recipe with various flavors of chutney, and experiment with different spices—we do! Enjoy!  

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