Friday Family Update

It’s Friday family update time again! 🙂 It seems in many ways like the days and weeks run together with the changes COVID has brought–I’m sure some of you can identify! We’re working through the Jesus Storybook Bible with Chyella in the evenings, and she’s really taking in the details this time through! Nathan and I feel similar watching The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross this month: we’re learning a ton too!

Some highlights from the past month–Jairus’ teeth came through! He’s got two front teeth now. And he’s still not crawling, but he gets around. He’s also given us about a week of normal sleep (5 – 6 hours straight)! That has been amazing.

Chyella is excitedly anticipating her birthday next week. She said goodbye to some of her best buddies here as they returned to England this past month, but she’s hangin’ in there. She’s still full of joy and energy as always! She’s gotten to try out tennis this month with some friends, and also play with our neighbors’ baby bunnies!

We were very thankful that a distribution project with Send Relief was approved this month, so we’ve been working with three of the local Toliara churches to provide some food for some of the most vulnerable. The churches and pastors have been working so hard to serve their communities, and we’re thankful we get to be a part! Chyella provided her counting and chalk skills to help us keep track of our measured out bags of peanuts and lentils. 🙂

One thought on “Friday Family Update

  1. Always good to hear from y’all and enjoy your photos! What a year of surprises. No trip to Albania because of Covid but they definitely made the correct decision. We’re still involved in some of their evangelistic efforts so it’s ok. God bless you and your relief efforts. Love B&K

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