Recipe Thursday: Meatball Subs

This recipe comes from one of my pregnancy cravings with Baby Jairus. Nathan and I had just moved back to Toliara, and we were watching Brooklyn 99 at night. Throughout the season, one of the characters was trying to open up a food truck serving meatball subs. Every night, the characters on the show would start talking about meatball subs, and I would get a super intense craving for this deli delight!

Nathan decided to take on the challenge! He found a meatball sandwich recipe, bought some delicious fresh bread at the bakery, and gave it a try one night for dinner. And it was delicious!! This has become one of our favorite meals. It’s now improved by doing the bread at home using a French bread recipe I wrote about last month. The crowning touch, though, was that our local grocery store started carrying sliced gouda cheese, which we melt over the top of the sandwich. Amazing! 

2 thoughts on “Recipe Thursday: Meatball Subs

  1. Just wanted to say…..I’ve loved your recipes, Tessa! Susan

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