Friday Family Updates: Work-Sheeps and the Midnight Cry

We’ll try to check in one Friday a month to give some fun family updates! Like many of you, over the last few months we’ve stayed in more, and developed some new family routines to help offset the monotony! Chyella has really missed the French preschool here. She’s definitely our little extravert, as between COVID and our trip to South Africa for Jairus to be born she has only attended the school about two months total! But she loves it and misses her friends there. We do daily “work-sheeps” to keep up her school skills, and a few weeks ago we had a play day with colorful liquids–took me back to my Montessori days!

Jairus is basically a bundle of cuddles and giggles. He’s a super fun baby, is VERY close to crawling, and seems to have a couple of teeth trying to pop through. He has challenged us in the sleep department, though. Chyella always has slept like a champ . . . Jairus has introduced us to what we call the “midnight cry” . . . and the 1am cry, and the 2am cry—you get the idea. But he makes up for it in the daytime with his abundant cuteness!

Nathan and I have been working hard on lots of projects for our work here in Toliara and also trying to make the most of this strange time. On the fun side, we’re watching through the Mission Impossible movies. On the challenging side, in light of what’s happening in the USA, we’re trying to learn and grow in the area of racial justice. We have a lot to learn. Be the Bridge has been an incredible resource for us.

Also, shout out to Nathan’s brother Adam who got married last month–congrats Adam and Lily! We were sad not to be present but were excited for them throughout the day and have loved all the sweet pictures. We’re so grateful for family and friends in the USA, around the world, and here in Madagascar–especially during this time.

Thanks for tuning in to our monthly family update!

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