Waiting – Day 5

Read: Psalm 131

There is endless speculation. We all want to know how to move forward. But this is really beyond all of us. David was a king; he was used to complex decisions. Still, he knew there were some things too difficult for him. He trained himself to be like a child before his mother, resting close to God. He rested in God’s competency and control. How are you trying to regain control? Are you content just being with God. Let’s take some time to rest in God, instead of figuring it all out.

“Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”

“There can be an inordinate desire for greatness and accomplishment (verse 1) . . . This self-seeking creates great restlessness and discontent—but the psalmist has left all that behind . . . A child who has been “weaned” (verse 2), however, and no longer nurses, is content just to be with its mother, enjoying her closeness and love without wanting anything else. We so often approach God only for what he can give, rather than simply to rest in his presence. Do that now, through the Word and prayer in Jesus’s name.”

Tim Keller, The Songs of Jesus, 337.



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