Waiting – Day 3

Read: Psalm 13

For years, David lived ostracized in the wilderness. Later, this song would have been sung by those exiled in Babylon. How long, O Lord? That is the question David, exiles, and all of us are asking. How long will this last? How long until it’s over? How long will I or the ones I care about be sick? Let’s ask God, and listen to what he might be saying.

“Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”

“David is in agony and can’t feel the presence of God. He cries out that God has ignored his pain and his sorrow. It is almost a howl, and the fact that it is included in the Bible tells us that God wants to hear our genuine feelings, even if they are anger at him. David never stops prayering, however, and that is the key. As long as we howl toward God and remember his salvation is by grace (verse 5), we will end at a place of peace.”

Tim Keller, The Songs of Jesus, 19.

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