Moving Forward

We are another year into our journey and the Mahafaly are another year into theirs as God continues to do a work among their people. This time last year, church growth was booming as over a hundred Mahafaly churches sprang up overnight. By the end of last year, we were starting to experience the issues that naturally come with hundreds of churches full of people being made new.

Recently, two of our Toliara pastors who help train the Mahafaly leaders got back from a training down south. They checked in on the leaders and refreshed them on what they will be teaching the other leaders at the next leadership meeting. Our Mahafaly leaders continue to grow in their understanding of the Bible, their ability to teach others, and their passion for reaching those who still have not heard the gospel.

So, as we start this year, we thank God for the great work he is doing and many, many lives here. Please pray for two things:

  1. Pray that the gospel continues to spread into other areas (especially the larger towns of Ampanihy and Androka).
  2. Pray that as the gospel spreads and churches are planted that leaders and new Christians alike would continue to mature in their relationship with God.


One thought on “Moving Forward

  1. Nathan and Tessa, thank you for the update! Kim saw that you were able to come home for a quick visit, which is wonderful! Bless you and all the work you’re doing for the Lord! love brian and kim


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