Fasting and Praying

Thank you to those of you who are joining us in fasting and praying! We’ve just returned from the bush again, this time training men who will be the future overseers of the work.

There are two of these men, Emasike and Estifihezy, but only one of them has been able to attend the training thus far. As of now, the Mahafaly churches are deciding together whether to appoint another man who can attend next training. We give thanks, however, that the churches, though very busy and struggling with issues from many different sides (theological, physical, interpersonal, logistical, temptations, etc.) are healthily working through these issues and taking responsibility as leaders.

So, with that update, would you please join us in lifting up these specific prayer requests (if you already received our prayer guide these are the same, with some updates):

The towns Ampanihy and Androka.

This is the last Mahafaly area to reach for every section of the Mahafaly region to be saturated with a gospel driven church presence. Our leaders (from Besatra and Andremba) already have family in these areas. Pray for opportunities to share there and plant churches before the end of this year.

The two Apprentices: Emasike and Estifihezy,

These two Apprentices mentioned above. Pray for wisdom as the leaders decide who to send to the next training. Pray for the two Apprentices that they would learn how to rightly handle the Word of Truth for themselves and be able to teach others how to interpret God’s Word.

Pray for all involved as we train these men to truly understand, apply, and teach God’s Word–especially as we try to equip them to understand context and find the main idea of passages of Scripture using oral methods. Pray that God’s Spirit would take their deep desire to lead their churches and equip them to rightly handle God’s Word.

Pray for these two Apprentices to be faithful stewards of the money their churches have collected for them, and for us to be wise mentors for them in this.

The Mahafaly Churches

Pray for the new churches to faithfully pass on the stories and teaching they’ve received to their children churches. Pray for time and energy as older churches help the younger churches, and that they would have wisdom in gathering leaders from these churches who can clearly pass on true teaching all the way down.

Pray for all the church leaders: for conviction of sin, for faithfulness in persecution, for perseverance in suffering and temptation, often during difficult times (the famine ravaging the area, sickness of children, etc.) the leaders are tempted to return to their sacrifices and witch doctors to find help and freedom from fear.

Pray for the intense physical needs of the Mahafaly: the famine of the last several years, the lack of access to water, the simple illnesses that often plague especially the young and very old.

Island-wide Focus

Pray for the Malagasy Baptists who are growing in their passion for reaching all of Madagascar. Pray for opportunities to continue discipling their evangelists. Pray also that we would be able to help facilitate a storying project that would potentially equip churches to translate God’s Word into the heart languages of the many tribes. Pray that all the tribes would have the chance to hear God speak to them in their own vernacular. Specifically pray for a potential group meeting in October.

Pray for Andakoro, our church in Toliara, to have strength to pursue their goal of planting 40 churches in Toliara. Pray for their bivocational leaders to balance family and ministry and that they are helped by every church member working towards the goal. Pray for cell groups already in existence to grow into healthy churches.

Pray for our team’s families to love and serve one another as spouses, and that we would raise our children to know and love the Father.


One thought on “Fasting and Praying

  1. I’m praying for you on this day and really enjoyed having your prayer needs listed so I know exactly how to pray. Thank you for your continuous love and care for the Mahafaly. Enjoy seeing pictures and seeing how the baby is growing. We heard you speak at the First Baptist of McCormick and appreciate more knowing that Pastor Michael and Michelle were also in Madagascar. God bless you as you continue to minister and love the people.


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