Working together to change the world

Let us say that we are blown away by the support we’ve received. It is always hard to leave people, especially when, in some cases, we know we may never see them again on this earth. But we are buoyed by your cards, emails, and visits–your kind words and your gifts. You, our extended family, have been there for us and we take that comfort with us as we go. Also, we are so thankful for the support of Southern Baptists. We love all members of our Christian family. But after seeing the level of love and support from Southern Baptists for those of us going we are particularly grateful.

You probably already know, but Southern Baptists give part of their money toward missions. For every dollar you give to a Southern Baptist church, a percentage of that dollar goes to help people like our family get to where we’re going and get to the people we’re trying to reach. This is called the Cooperative Program, and because all Southern Baptist churches cooperate together to fund certain things we are getting a post-graduate degree we couldn’t have afforded otherwise and we are able to make disciples in Madagascar. In a time when some have threatened to stop giving money toward the Cooperative Program, we just wanted to thank you for changing our lives through your cooperation. We don’t have time for infighting! Because of you, we now go to help change the lives of others.

Let me give you a practical example. I had the chance to go with Grant Waller and others to the bush last week to help give oversight to nearly 20 baptisms of church leadership.  The gas to travel the 5 hours to get there was about $100 dollars. So let’s say you put a $100 dollars toward the Cooperative Program. Well you just allowed us to drive down and help set people on a completely new trajectory. Thank you.

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