Things are changing

We are now done with our two-month training, and days away from flying to Mada. We were poured into by many people along the way. They have taught us many valuable things: how to map a global city, different ways of understanding and retelling God’s great story, how to legally and financially prepare for this longterm journey, and how to team together to get the job done. But honestly there are two main things that have stuck out to us through it all; they are basic, but crucial. Only God affects change in this world, and the way we join his work is by ¬†filling ourselves with his truth in the Bible and being filled by God the Spirit.

Tessa and I are on this journey because we heard what God said about the world and how he’s working to save it. And his Spirit filled us with excitement and showed us the way to go. That is the only way to change things. Tessa and I want to change the world, and I think all of us agree there are a lot of things that need to change. But only God changes the world. We will not change anything in Madagascar. But God is changing things there, and we are going to join what he is doing. What do you want to change? Start with what God says and what God does. He will lead you from there. And remember, God won’t change the world for your sake; he changes us for the sake of the world.


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