Learning in the Red Island

From here you can navigate to many different types of resources if you’re interested in learning more about Madagascar in general and our work here.

Malagasy Missionary Internship

For decades, a Malagasy pastor named Jonoro has been engaging people groups in southwest Madagascar with the Gospel. Jonoro has modeled personal sacrifice and a commitment to indigenous leadership, language and culture study, and advocacy for the most unreached. His example has inspired Malagasy Baptists as well as IMB missionaries working in the area. Since … Continue reading Malagasy Missionary Internship

Exile: Sunday, March 13 – Jonah

Read: Israel too was a country divided. The Northern Kingdom had split off years ago. They were coming out of a time of “prosperity and relative peace from pesty neighbors.” Years of fairly stable leadership had “created luxury and ease for many and spawned poverty and injustice for numerous others” (1). There had been grassroot … Continue reading Exile: Sunday, March 13 – Jonah

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